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We don’t just plant trees, we empower rural and indigenous people by eliminating poverty whilst restoring and protecting biodiversity via transitioning to renewables through landscape restoration, Following the 4-Returns Scientific Approach.


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100% of profits protect the planet whilst empowering impoverished rural and indigenous people.

  • We use 100% of all commissions earnt from your search towards our mission to recuperate 1-million hectares of destroyed terrain by planting 2.5 Billion Trees inside The Mesoamerican Biological Corridor, the 2nd largest biosphere in the Americas next to the Amazon, home to over 13% of the worlds biodiversity.
  • Moneys raised go towards protecting biodiversity whilst  empowering 30,000 rural and indigenous families, providing renewable electricity eliminating the necessity to burn wood thus preventing further destruction of the rainforests. Building 75-Schools, 4-Universities, 4-Hospitals and 6-Sustainable Factories producing non-toxic renewables and food… most of all tackling ALL 17 Sustainable Development Goals set out by the United Nations.

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No Secrets… come join us and see for yourself what we do http://www.Rainforest-Reliance.org .We don’t contract others to plant for us – we do the work ourselves.  

All searches are 100% Carbon Neutral and Beyond...

We produce renewables via landscape restoration, not landscape destruction? SAY NO TO PLANETARY RAPE BY MINERAL EXTRACTION, FOSSIL FUELS, AND FOSSIL-DERIVED SOLAR PANELS.

Our solar panels come in the form of an  ALL NATURAL patented protected castor tree that produces not only electricity, everything fossil fuel can and more..in fact over 800 products and applications, all non-toxic and biodegradable ALL CHEAPER THAN FOSSIL FUEL.
The world has 2.1-Billion Hectares of accessible arable land that we use for food production, we too have available 5.6-Billion hectares of accessible non-arable destroyed terrain that is currently abandoned – by recuperating just 20% via our intelligent reforestation model using our propriety intellectual property:
  • We eliminate fossil fuel and fossil plastics entirely and replace with non-toxic biodegradable renewables 
  • Produce food for an extra 3-billion people effectively eliminating world hunger
  • Capture and sequestrate 6.5 times the current carbon pollution emissions – effectively reversing global warming and putting a stop to climate crisis
  • Create 1-Billion NEW regenerative jobs around regenerative agriculture in over 80 of the worlds most impoverished countries
  • Our patented castor trees are drought resistant and mature in less than 18-months producing seed all year round – hence we restore desertification land quicker than anyone, whilst creating permanent jobs and food, limiting mass migration – keeping families together
  • Protecting biodiversity and saving humanity.
Make climate crisis, biodiversity, and human rights your priority – let’s protect our world together.
United Goal

Central American Countries
Million Hectares Terrain
Independent Indigenous Reserves
Years working in the region
Families in total
Indigenous and Rural People Represented

"Built by my people for my people"

Sayda Chantal Cesar De Wainer

Group President and Chief Executive Director


Join the world’s first ethnic minority owned and woman run carbon neutral sustainable development search engine that truly tackles ALL 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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Make climate action your action, empower rural and indigenous communities by way of repairing our planet and protecting biodiversity.

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